BGCHR is Beneficiary of the Month at Platte Canyon Community Partnership Boutique

Source:  The Flume
Author:  Ms. Donna Peters
Date Published:  May 5th, 2017

BGCHR & PCCP April-Dawn Knudsen, Chief Executive Officer of the Boys & Girls Clubs of the High Rockies, is positive about her organization being the beneficiary nonprofit of the month at the Platte Canyon Community Partnership (PCCP) Resale Boutique on US Hwy 285 in downtown Bailey.

"Partnering with the PCCP Resale Buitique is a unique way to bring the community together and we're looking forward to teaming with them during the month of May," Knudsen said.

The PCCP Resale Boutique is an all-volunteer non-profit that supports local initiatives and is donating 75 percent of its profits in May to the Boys & Girls Clubs of the High Rockies.

The Resale Boutique is also collecting donated arts and crafts supplies to support summer programs and has information available about programs for all age groups throughout Park County.

Boutique volunteers will be working closely with Lisa Brent, new Unit Director for Platte Canyon Boys & Girls Clubs.

"We are so thankful to bring on someone from our community who has been a volunteer and is excited to give back," Knudsen said.

Knudsen also explained that almost 200 children are served through various programs in the Bailey area.

One of the most expensive initiatives is the six-week art program in the summer, held at the Platte Canyon School District Administration Building by the Swimming Pool.

Approximately 50-60 children a day learn about a variety of crafts and fine arts.  This takes a lot of supplies, therefore, donations are welcome.

The PCCP Resale Boutique rotates six area non-profits for a designated period of time throughout the the year.  In return, the benefitting group supports the partnership by creating special initiatives and events and providng additional volunteers during the time period.

So shop in the Resale Boutique (next to Knotty Pine) and donate arts and crafts supplies during the month of May.  It all supports the hallmarsk fo Boys & Girls Clubs of the High Rockies – academic success, good character and leadership, and healthy lifestyles.