Wish List & Sponsorship

BGCHR Wish ListBelow is a running list of some equipment, materials, and supplies that we need in order to conduct our Club programs and activities.  If you find you are able to spare any of the items on this list, or would like to purchase and donate any listed item(s), please feel free to drop them by either the Platte Canyon Club or the South Park Club during normal hours of operation.  Please be certain to account for the total value of what you donate so you may document the value on your donation form for tax purposes.

  • Any items from the Platte Canyon or Park County RE-2 School Supply List
  • Paper Goods - Toilet Paper, Napkins, Paper Towels, Tissues
  • Office Supplies - Pens / Pencils / Permanent Markers, Copy Paper, Whiteout, Tape
  • Kitchen & Cleaning Supplies - Dish Soap, Hand Soap, Bathroom Cleaner, Toilet Sanitizer
  • Sports Equipment - Hula Hoops, Snow Shoes, Cross Country Skis, Ski Poles, Pool Cues, Kick Balls
  • Music & Movement - Kids CDs, Stereo with Speakers, Computer Speakers
  • Art Supplies - Digital Cameras, SD Cards, Glue, Markers, Colored Pencils, Crayons, Poster Board, Clay, Puff Paints, Fabric Markers, Construction Paper, Sidewalk Chalk, Yarn
  • Miscellaneous - AA Batteries, Wii Video Games, XBox Video Games, Magazine Rack, Healthy Snacks (no nuts please)


All BGCHR Programs are currently seeking sponsors.

To Sponsor a Program, please call the BGCHR Main Office at (719) 836-9019.

Ongoing Programs