Platte Canyon Club

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Throughout the normal academic school year, the Platte Canyon Club offers targeted, age-specific programs in two convenient locations . . .

Deer Creek Elementary School

1737 County Road 43
Bailey, CO 80421

(303) 679-7546  (Club Phone)
(303) 838-4888  (Deer Creek Main Office)
(303) 816-0162  (Deer Creek Main Office Fax)

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Morning Hours:  6:00am - 9:00am, Mon - Fri
Afternoon Hours:  4:00pm - 6:30pm, Mon - Fri

Summer Programs

During the summer months (June - August), we recolate all of our programs and services to the exracurricular activities wing adjacent to the Platte Canyon School District Offices.  The availability of multiple activitiy rooms enables our staff to structure programs and activites around and catering to specific age groups.

Platte Canyon School District

57393 US Hwy 285
Bailey, CO 80421

(303) 679-7475  (Club Phone)
(303) 838-7666  (District Main Office)
(303) 679-7504  (District Main Office Fax)

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Hours:  7:00am - 5:30pm, Mon - Fri

The Platte Canyon Club welcomes existing and new members as well as drop-in attendees.  For your convenience, we've provided some applications, forms, and scholarship information below to help serve your needs.  You may print and complete the appropriate forms and then scan and E-Mail them to us, or you may drop them off at any of our club locations during normal hours of operation.

BGCHR Platte Canyon Membership Application BGCHR Platte Canyon School Year Fees BGCHR Platte Canyon Summer Fees BGCHR Drop-In Form BGCHR Scholarship Policy
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