Who We Are

The Boys and Girls Club of South Park (BGCSP) was founded in 2005 in Fairplay, CO with the intent of providing for the first time, opportunities for success and development never before available to the youth of the community.  Fairplay is a close-knit, family oriented, rural mountain community that, like most rural communities struggles with the availability of resources, activities, and opportunities for youth to realize and reach their fullest potential.  Too often with regard to our nation's youth, an idle mind can be a mischievous mind that can often seek out forms of entertainment and gratification that are not always constructive, safe, healthy, productive, or meaningful.  This can result in a youth making bad or improper choices that can take them down a road of self-destruction, seriously impacting their chances to seek out and obtain secondary educational opportunities or expand their horizons beyond their rural residences.

In 2015, BGCSP under new leadership and passionate support from the Board of Directors launched a renewed effort to expand its program and service offerings to the Bailey Community.  Working closely with, and receiving strong support from the Platte Canyon School District, BGCSP has seen steady and ever increasing numbers of youth participating in the Bailey Club’s programs.  As our community reach continues to grow, we have found it necessary to restructure ourselves to be all inclusive of those we serve.  Thus, we’ve evolved from the Boys & Girls Club of South Park to Boys & Girls Clubs of the High Rockies (BGCHR) consisting of a Platte Canyon Unit (Bailey, CO) and South Park Unit (Fairplay, CO).


Throughout the State and the Country, every year suffers cuts to school budgets which impact many non-core programs first and foremost.  Extra-curricular activities, trade programs, social programs, nutritional programs, art and music programs, and leadership programs are often the first casualties of such cut backs, and without access to any alternative source for such programs, children are left without choices that play a vital role in determining how the rest of their lives will play out.

That is why the Boys and Girls Clubs of the High Rockies are extremely vital to the community as a whole.  They fill that ever growing chasm by providing before and after school programs as well as all-day summer programs that give children a chance to discover their interests, abilities, talents, and skills and then help them achieve their fullest potential.  Similarly, the staff and programs also help youth identify their challenges and shortcomings and assist them with accepting and then overcoming those challenges, teaching them that there is always something to be gained from adversity.  They also coach and mentor youth through problem resolution, social interaction, and genuine respect for others.

Many often believe Boys & Girls Clubs are simply safe havens for troubled youth.  This is a very widely viewed misconception.  BGCHR have youth of all backgrounds, education levels, and economic demographics filling its rooms.  Programs cover areas such as health and nutrition, environmental stewardship, academic success, leadership development, and community involvement.  BGCHR also work closely with area schools to determine what gaps we can fill, as well as with local businesses who are supportive and eager to offer internships and instructional overviews and tours of their industries to the youth of the clubs.

BGCHR has seen an annual increase in the demand for its programs and services, and as more parents become familiar with what the clubs have to offer and how children are being positively impacted, more of them are sending their kids to participate.  The staff has developed a set of programs and activities that has actually found kids wanting to visit the club vs. “having” to visit.

Ways To Invest In Our Youth

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